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Met-Ed and PA Electric Choice

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If you live in the met ed  service area, you have several options for your power supply. Because of the deregulation of the Pennsylvania energy market, customers are able to choose their own retail electric supplier. This choice is made possible through the Pennsylvania Energy Choice program, or PA Electric Choice. This option allows consumers to save money on their electricity costs by shopping for the best rates and plans available to them.

Met-Ed, also known as Metropolitan Edison Company, started operations back in 1917 and has since grown rapidly. It currently has over 560,000 customers throughout eastern and south central Pennsylvania. It is a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corporation. The company offers many ways to help its customers save on their utility bills. Some of these include rebates and energy efficiency programs.

Met-Ed: Your Local Electric Utility Provider in Pennsylvania”

A spokesman for the company said that the work to repair the damage caused by Monday’s storm will focus on southeastern York County, where the hardest-hit areas are located. Met-Ed is urging its customers to be careful near downed or low-hanging electrical lines. As always, it is important to assume that all downed or low-hanging lines are energized and should be treated as live wires.

The work that Met-Ed is doing to improve its power infrastructure will be reflected in the Price to Compare portion of your energy bill. This is the cost that your local energy utility pays to generator companies for electricity and the price it incurs for transmitting that electricity over high voltage transmission power lines to its local electrical switch yards.

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