Day: May 20, 2023

Pallet Rack Post ProtectorsPallet Rack Post Protectors

Pallet rack post protectors are easy to install and an inexpensive solution for protecting warehouse racking from damage. They prevent forklifts from severely damaging the end columns of pallet racking, which helps maintain structural integrity and extends the life of your warehouse racking. Most importantly, they reduce the risk of damaged racking falling over and potentially hurting employees and products. Replacing or repairing damaged racking is time-consuming and costly, and a collapsed racking system poses a significant safety risk.

What is the space between the racks called?

Post protectors are typically made of steel, although they are available in a variety of materials and sizes. They are bolted to the floor in front of individual racking column to absorb impact damage and transfer it to the floor rather than through the upright. They are typically mounted to the floor in a V-shape to deflect the force of a fork impact, but they are also available in straight versions with a wider base. URL :

The most common style of post protector is the bolt-down type. This is anchored to the floor with a single anchor hole, and it protects the top face of the upright column. There are also bolt-to-frame protectors that attach to the upright frame, and they wrap around three sides. These tend to be more universal for 3″ wide uprights, but they can also be used on larger 4×3 uprights.

A single minor impact should not cause an upright to collapse in a properly designed racking structure, but accumulated smaller impacts could weaken the frame and make it vulnerable. Post protectors are an affordable and practical defense against upright damage, and the initial investment can pay for itself many times over in reduced maintenance costs.