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Vaping Hash

vaping hash

Vaping hash  and refined version of marijuana buds that contains high amounts of trichomes. This means that the weed concentrate can provide more intense effects than normal flowers. The high from vaping hash is generally more euphoric, and can be felt in a variety of ways depending on the consumer’s preference. Some people prefer to get super chill and melt into the couch, whilst others like to go outside and enjoy activities such as skateboarding, surfing or hiking.

As with any other cannabis product, there is a wide range of different hash types on the market, varying in consistency and flavours. Hand-rubbed hash is more sticky and pliable and can be rubbed into shapes, while dry-sifted hash is much drier and crumblier. Both can be used for vaping, but the stickier and more compacted the hash is, the more likely it is to cling to the inner crevices of your vaporizer after a session. This can be a huge hassle and make it near impossible to clean the device afterwards, especially if you use a glass bowl or quartz bucket atomizer which is more susceptible to this issue.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Weed Vaporizers in the UK: Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

It’s a good idea to use an atomizer that has a dedicated concentrate sieve in order to avoid this problem. Alternatively, you could also try placing the hash inside two layers of dried cannabis flowers before inserting it into your vaporizer. However, a much more convenient solution is to use Black Leaf’s ‘Vape Wool’ which is made from degummed hemp fibre and is specifically designed for vaping hash or other oil-based concentrates.

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