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Top 5 Hookah Tastes

Hookah Tastes

Whether you’re looking for a fruity or minty shisha flavor, there are many options to choose from. These flavors can be smoked as a solo shisha or mixed with other flavors for a unique experience. Resource : https://www.uniquenewsonline.com/unleashing-creativity-mixing-and-matching-hookah-tastes/

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Strawberry is one of the most popular Al Fakher shisha tobacco flavors. It produces big clouds of smoke and has a nice flavor that doesn’t taste overly sweet. You can use this as a solo product or mix it with other flavors such as cinnamon to create a unique combination.

This is a great option for anyone new to shisha. It has a light red appearance and a fresh, juicy taste that’s perfect for sharing with friends during a hookah session. It smells like strawberry candy and can be smoked on its own or with any other flavor. You won’t get a buzz from this shisha but it will leave you satisfied and ready for your next session.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more tropical, try this flavor from Adalya. The color is a vibrant red and the tobacco is chopped moderately thick. Love 66 is a great choice for people who aren’t big fans of overly sweet tastes and is a solid mixer for any other flavor. It doesn’t have a strong nicotine content but it will give you a slight buzz from the terpenes such as hedione and benzyl isobutyrate. These chemicals act as human pheromones that activate the hypothalamus and have potential aphrodisiac properties.

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