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The Best Cold Pressed Juicer

If you’re juicing on a best cold pressed juicer or need to juice for an entire team, this cold pressed juicer is ideal. The extra-wide feed chute means you don’t have to chop up your fruits and vegetables as much – and there’s minimal pulp left inside the machine if you follow the instructions (ie: rotate produce during juicing). It’s also incredibly quiet compared to other juicers, even when operating at full speed. And Kuvings stands behind their product, offering a 15-year warranty.

The Art of Slow Juicing: Unlocking the Secrets of Superior Flavor and Nutrition

This is the smallest and most compact cold press juicer we tested, and it’s quick to assemble and disassemble and very easy to clean. However, we found it didn’t handle tougher produce well and was a little more prone to moving around on the counter than some of our other picks.

The smallest of the masticating cold press juicers we tested, it’s an excellent option for regular juicing and doesn’t take up much room on the kitchen counter. It’s also a great value and a very good choice for newcomers to juicing as it’s simple and user-friendly.

This juicer takes up less space than many of the other cold pressed juicers we tested and is available in a range of cute pastel colors that can easily match your existing appliances. It’s also relatively quiet compared to other juicers, and we found it was easy to keep topped up with water when juicing a lot of produce. We did find that a bit of pulp sometimes slips through the filter, so if you prefer smooth juice you may want to shop for another model.

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