About Tob

Get to know Tob Cooper

Tob Cooper is a dedicated and hardworking individual with a passion for making a difference. He currently works as an IT Manager at IAFriends, a global social media platform that connects friends and family, providing constant opportunities to connect with the world.

Tob has always had an interest in technology and computers. Growing up, he was often seen tinkering away on his computer or watching tech videos online. This eventually led him to pursue a degree in Information Technology from the University of XXXXXXX. After graduating with honors, Tob went on to pursue a career in IT management and started working at IAFriends.

At IAFriends, Tob is responsible for managing the company’s IT systems, ensuring that all equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. He also develops new technologies in order to improve user experience and increase productivity within the organization. Under his leadership, IAFriends’ team of tech wizards has created innovative solutions that are now used by millions of users around the world.

Outside of work, Tob is a passionate advocate of STEM education in his local community and frequently volunteers his time to mentor young people who are interested in pursuing careers in technology. His dedication to helping others understand the power of technology has been recognized through several awards such as “Most Outstanding Technologist” (2020) or “Tech Innovator of The Year” (2021).

In addition to all this, Tob loves traveling around the world and exploring different cultures whenever he can find some free time!